Deposits and savings

Give account holders flexibility and help them increase their financial stability

From contract management to reporting & product configuration tools. A real-time engine for position keeping and reactive decision making. Sopra Banking Platform provides a complete account management solution.

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Secure environment

Ensure system integrity

Audit trails

Improve data protection


Provide more options


Save operating costs

Maximized ROI

With operations efficiency

Flexible deployment

Cloud, hybrid, on-premise

Delivering unique, customer-focused services

Use innovative deposits & savings management tools to drive customer engagement.

  • Data-driven
    Maintain compliance and glean insights into your customers’ behaviour that goes beyond financial data. Use this resource to inform business strategy and improve customer experiences.
  • Flexible & reliable
    Roll out only the components or packaging that you need. React quickly to future market demands or regulatory changes.
  • Future-proof
    A future-proof solution with diverse features, including multi-company, multi-organization, multi-currency and multi-country capabilities.


Account aggregation for a 360-degree view of customers’ finances. Instant banking with real-time core processing. Shared accounts, personalized offers, instant payments and many more.


Enable your customers to manage their accounts, including aggregated ones, in multiple currencies.